About DT Ward

We Honestly Care,
It's Just That Simple.

DT Ward, PC is an intellectual property law firm devoted exclusively to the practice of patent law in the biotechnology, chemical, drug discovery, genetics, medical devices, pharmaceutical and alternative energy industries.

Our philosophy of portfolio optimization is centered on the belief that in order to add value, you must understand a client's business, exceed their expectations and, most importantly, work every day with the belief that failure is not an option. It is our mission to extract commercial value from true innovation.

At DT Ward, we believe that the way to establish the foundation of a sustainable portfolio is through comprehensive integration. This approach involves forging solid partnerships with the stakeholders in the portfolio. Stakeholders include not only the inventors, but those involved in shaping the business. As a small firm we are able to spend the time necessary to evaluate the environment for our clients and advise them early and often on their path to success.

At DT Ward, it's not business as usual.
  • It's about tireless commitment to excellence.
  • It's about being the expert our clients need.
  • It's about finding a way around, or a way through.
  • It's about leveraging ideas and monetizing IP.
  • It's about doing what it takes - no matter what it takes.
  • At DT Ward, it's personal - as personal as your ideas, as valued as your innovation.

"Vision without execution is hallucination"

Thomas Edison