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We are an intellectual property law firm devoted to the practice of patent law exclusively in the life science industry.

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When the strength of your intellectual property matters–it’s ALL that matters. The firm’s philosophy of portfolio optimization is centered on the belief that in order to add value, you must understand a client's business, exceed their expectations and, most importantly, work every day with the belief that failure is not an option. It is our mission to extract commercial value from true innovation.
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A successful patent strategy is as much about knowing the business of your competitors as it is about knowing your own business.

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DT Ward, PC was founded with the goal of delivering the highest quality intellectual property services in a client-centric manner. The professionals at DT Ward bring a broad range of experiences and expertise and have advanced degrees in many areas of the life sciences, including biochemistry, chemistry, and neuroscience. In all aspects of our work, we take our duty to uphold the highest ethical standards of our profession seriously and it is these principles that guide our representation of our clients.

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