Great for fast-moving startups
Less expensive than in-house
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Craft a stronger IP portfolio

For start-ups with innovative ideas

For investors looking to explore or launch a NewCo or for young start-ups in stealth mode, DT Ward, PC offers a suite of initial diligence services. These include landscape analyses, portfolio triage, competitive intelligence review and preliminary portfolio strategy development. Unlike most services which are billed hourly, initial diligence services are tailored to the scope, timing and budget of the investment.

For companies without an internal patent department

For new ventures, whether emerging start-ups or established life sciences companies, DT Ward, PC offers its unique On‐Site CounselSM services. We appreciate that some of the most innovative ideas occur early on when a new company lacks resources to invest in the infrastructure of a full service in‐house patent department. This is the time, however, when a comprehensive IP‐business strategy is needed the most. The On‐site Counsel model solves this problem.

The power of intellectual property